Is It A Matter Of Immorality?

There are a number of things in this world which we consider as right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral. But we never know who has really divided up these goodness and badness that exist in the world; whether they have conducted experiments to see what “good” is and what “bad” is? However, without having any of that knowledge, and even without querying about this, we blindly follow what is meant to be as correct and what is meant to be as wrong.
But if you look up to the matter a bit seriously, you might see that what people believe in as bad, sometimes is full of goodness; be it a person or a thing. For instance, you might have been judgmental in certain instances of your life. When it comes to a person, you might have judged him/her with his/her appearance, at first. But later, when you keep close tabs with the person, you might have understood that the theory of judging people at first by their appearance is not always a good one to pursuit. Thereby, you identify that before being judgmental, you should scratch beneath the surface of that particular individual to get to know him/her better.
In fact, when we say there is good in bad, you might be still wondering that what kind of absurdity we are talking about. Well, it might appear a little absurd at first. But it is also the utter truth that nobody would dare to delve into. To be more precise, the good that we see in the bad can be based on many situations. Indeed, we believe that treating our parents and taking care of them in their old age is the ideal way we can pay gratitude towards them. Yes, it is the truth. 
However, there can be a number of instances in which you might have failed to do this responsibility. Mainly, if you are a person who is busy as a bee and struggle to finish off the backlog of work that is piled up on the top of your work table, then it is an obvious fact that you fail to carry out your responsibility. And if you are a person who rarely has the time to be at home, then that is another way in which you will evade your responsibility. Old age is as fragile as the young age. In fact, one mishap is enough to shatter the whole life. So when your parents are in such a condition, it will be dangerous to leave them at home all alone. And that is one of the main reasons why people leave them in retirement village Queensland.
But the society which is concerned about the traditional values see this as a bad practice done by the children, and children do get labeled as irresponsible individuals who do not know how to pay gratitude to their parents. But since we are well aware of the fact that there is goodness in the bad things, this is not a mere problem for those who grasp the very theory of it. So you need not worry about your parents as they are in good hands. And it never really means that you are not caring for them. Since your love is ready to protect them.

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